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Creating a safe space where parents feel comfortable sharing their concerns is at the heart of my practice. I believe in supporting parents by providing evidence-based information, and sustainable options, and empowering them to make informed decisions. I will navigate any challenges you may encounter along the way.

Flexible Telehealth Services for Lasting Breastfeeding Success in Wareham, MA

I am Sarah Stanton, a passionate and experienced lactation consultant and pediatric nurse. I offer comprehensive follow up visits to support you and your little one’s feeding journey. Whether you prefer the convenience of telehealth visits or an in-home visit, I am dedicated to providing personalized care that meets your unique needs.

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Continued Guidance at Your Fingertips

In our follow-up sessions, I will delve deeper into your breastfeeding experience, meticulously evaluating the effectiveness of current strategies and identifying areas that may require adjustment. These sessions, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, are priced at $200 for virtual consultations and $250 for home visits. This ample time guarantees you the opportunity to review your initial plan and make any necessary adjustments.

To further assist you, my consultations include two weeks of ongoing support through a secure patient portal. I understand that continuous guidance is crucial during this transformative period, which is why I offer a 1-hour return-to-work consultation service for $175 in virtual sessions. Additionally, as part of my commitment to your well-being, I am available to refer you to other health professionals if you need further support.

Let’s Connect and Elevate Your Breastfeeding Experience

I am thrilled to join you on this incredible journey of nurturing and nourishing your little one. Schedule your telehealth visit with me today and experience the compassionate and expert care that I have to offer. My primary service area for in-home visits encompasses a 15-mile radius from my residence in Wareham, MA, and for your convenience, this coverage is provided at no extra cost. If you reside outside this radius, a nominal additional charge of $2 per mile will be applied.

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