Personalized Infant Feeding Support at Home

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Experience the comfort and personalized care that Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy brings right to your doorstep. I am here to assist you throughout your infant feeding journey from pregnancy to postpartum. You do not need to be experiencing feeding difficulties to benefit from a postpartum feeding consultation. My sessions are designed to provide personalized care, tackling everything from pumping basics, weaning, managing nipple soreness, to bottle refusal and navigating low milk supply.

Dependable Postpartum Consultation in Wareham, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy provides reliable infant feeding therapy to Cape Cod and the South Shore.

Here’s what my consultations typically include:

  • Comprehensive pregnancy, birth and medical history discussion
  • Feeding session observation and feedback (breast or bottle)
  • Weight checks for your baby before and after feeds (in-home)
  • Development of a feeding plan according to your goals
  • Breast assessment and diagnostics for nursing parents
  • Ongoing virtual or phone support post consultation as needed

I can cover topics such as feeding multiples, tandem feeding, induced lactation, weaning, and managing bottle refusal. No concern is too small or too complex. Each consultation is blocked off for 1.5 hours to ensure ample time to address your needs and work towards your goals. Because here, you’re never just a number. Your comfort and your baby’s health are my top priorities. My goal is to educate and empower you to navigate your feeding journey with confidence and support. Whether you are pregnant or postpartum, I am here for you and your family every step of the way.

Breastfeeding is one of the hardest parts of early parenting.

Not everyone has a partner to help them through those difficult early months. Support can come from a variety of places such as family, friends, peers, support groups, virtual support, and evidence-based education. Nursing parents need to be taught about different adaptive techniques based on their anatomy and given a feeding plan that works for that person and their family. Many parents are incorrectly told they cannot successfully breastfeed for reasons such as flat/inverted nipples, small breasts, prior breastfeeding problems, prior breast surgery, etc. You have the right to feed your baby the way you want to. I am here to support you, regardless of how you choose to feed your baby.

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Get help early & often – Learn how to feed your baby your way.

The meeting, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, can be conveniently conducted in the comfort of your home for only $275, or via telehealth priced at $225. During this face-to-face session, I will delve into your medical history, birth details, postpartum experience thus far, feeding history, your baby’s health history, and your specific goals for feeding your baby as you desire. Additionally, I will offer an optional breast assessment, evaluate your pumping session, and measure the fit of the flange

I will thoroughly assess your baby’s latch, positioning, baby’s oral motor skills, structural function, and milk transfer. I am able to assist you to develop a pumping plan, troubleshoot feeding issues, and provide anticipatory guidance.

Additionally, I offer guidance on alternative feeding methods for infants and babies, ensuring that all feeding goals are met. And, to ensure you continue to feel supported in your postpartum journey, all consultations include two weeks of support via a secure patient portal. An additional week of online support is available for just $25.

We will create a feeding plan together based on your goals, challenges you may be experiencing and what works best for you and your family. I am dedicated to empowering and supporting families in their feeding journey, ensuring they have expert guidance, personalized care, and evidence-based information in order to make informed choices.

Some of the main concerns I usually receive are:

  • Slow or insufficient weight gain
  • Shallow latch or painful feeding
  • Baby falls asleep while feeding or latching
  • Baby slides down the nipple or unlatches frequently while feeding
  • Baby does not appear satisfied after feeding
  • Leaking around mouth seal when feeding
  • Gagging, choking, coughing during feeds
  • clicking/smacking noise while eating
  • Long feeds >45 mins
  • Short feeds <10 mins
  • Frequent feeds >12x in 24 hrs
  • Infrequent feeds <8x in 24 hrs
  • Baby sleeps with mouth open and/or snoring
  • Questioning if baby has tongue or lip ties
  • Baby appears stiff, rigid, tense most of the time
  • Fussy/colic behavior, appears frantic/dysregulated easily
  • Spit up or reflux concerns

Work With a Trusted Postpartum Consultant

I offer convenient in-home consultations to families of Cape Cod and the South Shore. My services are designed to provide personalized care that suits your unique needs. Each consultation generally runs for 1.5 hours, including an in-depth feeding history, a comprehensive assessment, and a custom care plan. Follow-up appointments are typically 1 hour long, reviewing your care plan and re-assessing any feeding concerns. Email follow up is included and encouraged through my secure online client portal. Whether your consultations are in person or virtual, I am here to ensure your breastfeeding journey is a successful one.

As your dedicated postpartum lactation consultant, I’m here to assure you that no matter your journey, you are not alone. Together, we’ll craft a feeding plan that works for you and your baby.  Let’s navigate this journey together.

Each consultation includes:
– Customized care plan
– 2 weeks of follow up support
– Optional superbill to submit to insurance company to request reimbursement.

Prenatal Consultation (Virtual)
$180 – 60 minutes

Postpartum Consultation (Virtual)
$225 – 75 minutes
$180 – 60 minutes
$135 – 45 minutes
$90 — 30 minutes

Postpartum Consultation (Home)
$250 – 60-75 minutes

*A travel fee of $25-50 may apply if location is outside of the 20 mile radius of my home in Wareham, MA.
*Home visits are available Wednesday / Friday / Saturday

Postpartum Consultation (Office)
$225 – 75 minutes
$180 – 60 minutes
$135 – 45 minutes
$90 — 30 minutes

*Located inside the office of Vital Chiropractic. The address is 17 Aldrin Road, Plymouth, MA.
*Office visits are available Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

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