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Welcome to Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy! My name is Sarah Stanton, LPN, IBCLC. I have dedicated my career to becoming an expert in infant feeding, devoting over 5 years to assisting families in overcoming feeding challenges. My specialization lies in offering holistic comprehensive feeding support, with a focus on complex issues, going beyond the scope of traditional education and counseling. I have completed additional clinical training to effectively address these issues. My commitment to excellence sets me apart from others, as I prioritize the individual needs of every family.



Holistic Lactation Services in Wareham, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Are you in need of infant feeding services? Your solution is just a call away! Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy offers specialized, compassionate care, tailored to fit your unique feeding journey. Whether you need assistance with complex feeding issues, pumping advice, or emotional support, Sarah is here to help. Sarah is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that encourages and empowers you to make confident choices regarding feeding your baby. Let’s start this journey together! Reach out to Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy today.

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Why Choose My Services?

I Am an Expert in Personalized Care!

Choosing Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy means you are prioritizing personalized, expert care for your breastfeeding journey. Bringing over five years of experience to the table, I have tailored my lactation services to be uniquely client-focused and comprehensive. My training allows me to manage complex feeding issues, creating a nurturing environment where knowledgeable support is the norm. By respecting and honoring your personal breastfeeding goals, I strive to make each interaction a step towards achieving your breastfeeding success.

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Expert Experience Guaranteed!

Expertise and Empathy – The Cornerstones of My Lactation Services

At Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy, I prioritize not just the technical aspects of lactation services, but also the emotional journey of each parent. Each consultation, whether virtual or in-home, is designed as a safe space where parents feel heard, understood, and empowered in their breastfeeding journey. I aim to empathize with your experiences, and strive to deliver a service that aligns with your needs and fosters your confidence.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

Common Feeding Concerns

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Latching & Positioning

  • Difficulty latching / baby pushes away or cries
  • Shallow latch / Baby will not open wide
  • Baby falls asleep while latching or feeding
  • Sliding down the nipple or frequent unlatching
  • Clicking or smacking sound while feeding
  • Chomping, chewing or biting the nipple
  • Leaking from mouth seal or losing contact with nipple
  • Baby does not appear satisfied after feeds
  • Long feeds (>45 mins)
  • Short feeds (<10 mins)
  • Frequent feeds (>12x in 24 hrs)
  • Infrequent feeds (<8x in 24 hrs)
  • Supplementing expressed milk or infant formula
  • Getting baby back to feeding at the breast
  • Return to work preparation
  • Introducing the bottle / bottle refusal
  • Introduction to solids
  • Formula introduction
  • Weaning from BF or pumping
  • Nipple pain / nipple trauma (cracked, bleeding)
  • Pain while latching / feeding / pumping
  • Pumping issues / decreased output
  • Low milk supply concerns
  • Recurrent milk blebs or blisters
  • Oversupply / Engorgement
  • Plugged ducts / Mastitis
  • Weight loss / slow weight gain
  • Difficulty managing flow (coughing, sputtering, choking, gagging)
  • Open mouth posture at rest or while sleeping
  • Snoring / appears restless while sleeping
  • Excessive drooling / mouth breathing
  • Anatomical Concerns ( tongue tie/ lip tie, cleft lip/palate, recessed chin)
  • Baby appears tense / rigid (standing, arching, chin to chest posture, rolling before 2 months)
  • Hates tummy time, car seat or certain positions
  • Significantly fussy, difficult to console, labeled as colicky
  • Hysterical or frantic behavior, easily dysregulated
  • Sleep concerns, waking frequently overnight
  • Excessive gas / painful gas
  • Spit up / reflux
  • Frequent hiccups / difficulty burping
  • Infrequent stool / constipation
  • Loose stools / mucus or bloody stool
  • Bloated / distended abdomen
  • Food intolerances / allergies
  • Maternal elimination diets
  • Infant formula intolerance
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Trustworthy and Professional Lactation Services Await

Stanton Lactation & Feeding Therapy prides on delivering professionalism, knowledge, and warmth with every interaction. Every service the company provides is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your feeding journey is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. Whether you require virtual or in-home consultations, I am here to offer support and solutions. Read on to discover more about my specialized services and how I can help you reach your goals!

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Prenatal Consultation

Embrace the convenience of my virtual prenatal consultation services. You can expect a personalized visit tailored to your specific needs. We will discuss your specific goals, newborn feeding expectations, establishing milk supply, and more. We will review your medical history, prenatal history, and discuss any barriers you may face.

Prenatal Consultation

I am here to guide you through any concerns you have about feeding your newborn. Some benefits of my service include:

  • Email & virtual support
  • Weekend availability
  • Breast Pump & Flange Fit
  • Customized Postpartum Feeding Plan
in house consultation

Postpartum Consultation

Receive personalized, comprehensive infant feeding support right where you’re most comfortable. I will work with you to address issues, develop a tailored feeding plan, and navigate any potential challenges that may impact your feeding journey.

Postpartum Consultation

Some benefits of my service include:

  • In-home & virtual visits
  • 60-90 minute appointments
  • Feeding session observation & feedback
  • Troubleshooting feeding difficulties
  • 2 weeks of post-consultation email support
  • Individualized care plan for parent & baby
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Follow Up Care

After the initial consultation, you can schedule follow-up visits at any point in your feeding journey.

Follow Up Care

Our sessions will last between 45-60 minutes, allowing ample time to reevaluate your original plan and make any necessary changes. I will gladly offer referrals to other healthcare professionals if additional support is required. You may choose to schedule in-home or telehealth follow-up visits at your convenience.

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What My Clients Are Saying


Sarah, thank you so much for all of your help and for being so kind. You were such a light during our hardest days and we cannot thank you enough! Lots of love to you!



I just wanted to take a minute and give my absolute praise to Sarah and her dedication to breastfeeding mamas out here. I think I have met with her only a few times but every meeting I learn more and more from her. I had my second baby 5 months ago and learned so much more information to apply this time around than I ever did with my first baby. I had a severely disappointing lactation consultant with my first baby and it only instilled fear and guilt about the pressure of breastfeeding overall. Sara has opened a completely new door for me- everything from position change, anatomy of my baby, tongue exercises, latch position and way to improve it, head/neck exercises, ways to get rid of hiccups, social media pages to follow, correct pump parts and where to purchase them, the list goes on and on. I wish so badly I would have met Sara sooner. It’s obvious that she is very passionate about lactation and breastfeeding. She makes me feel completely comfortable and hears my concerns. I hope that every mom who chooses to breastfeed gets the chance to meet Sara. She’s wonderful.



Sarah, thank you for being our anchor in all things breastfeeding and baby! Your support, love, and gentle guidance has kept us grounded! Merry Christmas! We love you!!



Sarah, thank you for all you have done for me and probably will continue to do for me during my wild breastfeeding/exclusive pumping ride. The times when I have felt hopeless you have been there to help. I turn to you and will continue to turn to you over every doctor I have had…You are gifted! Even when I’ve needed someone to talk me through whatever, you’ve helped! We thank you 1000x over.



Sarah, we can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for Avery. You have helped to make this process so much easier.



Sarah is literally the best! Emmett’s feeding probably would have never improved if it wasn’t for her. I have never met such an attentive caring person in my life. I am forever grateful for her.


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